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Do you have questions? We provide roofing installation for both residential and commercial roofing applications–including flat roof repair. Not just a roofing contractor, we also innovate in the development of our own roofing materials, offering an exclusive line of diamond shaped roof shingles known as Art-Loc®.

“I really believe that Sherriff-Goslin does what others promise. No company says it will do lousy work; they all promise they’re the best. And they all have their problem jobs. But if we have a problem, we make it right. We stand behind our work, and that’s what makes us different.” – William Sherriff Ticknor, Chairman.

Like the members of your local Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractor office, our corporate staff is here to serve you.

Please note:
Sherriff-Goslin is proud to manufacture a high quality roof shingle. We have placed much emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction through designing and engineering so we can deliver a shingle that will provide the highest protection, durability and aesthetic appeal.

To further ensure customer satisfaction, our shingles are available exclusively through Sherriff-Goslin and can be installed only through our trained roof installation professionals. Not only do we want to provide a great product to our customers, but we also know how important it is for installation to be performed professionally and properly to ensure maximum effectiveness and longevity of protection to your roof.

Please, feel free to contact us directly, at 800-947-7663 or 269-962-4036, or at the addresses below:

William S. Ticknor
Robert C. Sherriff
Stephen D. Ticknor
Executive Vice President
Tracie L. McKeiver
Craig Lockerbie
Vice President of Quality Assurance and Branch Support
Bernie Sunday
Vice President of Safety and Health
Laurie Scanlon
Corporate Secretary
Home Office mailing address

10 Avenue C
Battle Creek, MI  49037

269-962-4036 / 800-947-7663


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